I need to know a very strong AP antenna for the AP ONE 300 M. The 2 out of the box cant reach quite to where I need them to reach. IS there anything stronger. I need make, model, and where to buy. Thanks.

And could someone provide the best possible settings so that I could try and utilize the maximum distance with the signal.

Most 3rd-party dual band omni-directional antennas are going to have very similar gain to the ones we send with the unit. Your best bet would be to try and relocate the AP so it can provide better coverage.

Im caught up helping my Dad’s friend at his house for Wifi out to his pool house smart tv that is about 100-110ft away from the AP One 300M and signal has to go through 2 wall’s that are only wood and drywall. The signal gets there with 1-2 bars on my iphone and an IPad but the smart tv itself doesn’t pick up the SSID no matter what we tried. Problem is I have a job and am trying to spend minimal time doing this favor. I already drilled a hole through a wall in this house to mount the AP as in a bathroom on a wall pointing the antennas out the window in the bathroom to the pool house. Running Cat5e or 6 through an older 1970’s house just isn’t my passion anymore if you know what I mean.

I am just going to use that universal netgear wireless adapter and have that take the AP One signal then feed it Ethernet from the adapter to the TV and see what happens.

Unless there is an antenna that just blows the antennas out of the box the I think the netgear adapter might just have to be the solution.

Yeah, the Wi-Fi built in to TV’s can be pretty weak sometimes. Your suggestion sounds good, let us know how you make out.