Streaming issues with Speedfusion (audio/video sync)

Hi friends

We recently bought two peplink routers (transit for our mobile rig, balance for the permanent…with speed fusion) to use to provide more reliability to our live stream.

Instead, we’ve been having AV sync issues whenever we stream using the bonding / speed fusion…

Anyone have any thoughts? Appreciate it!

Going to need to know a great deal more to help.

  1. Are you using SpeedFusion?
  2. Wan Smoothing?
  3. Forward error correction?
  4. What speeds are you getting over the bonded connection compared to load balanced?
  5. What protocols are you using for streaming?
  6. Are both devices running the latest firmware?
  7. SIMs - are the roaming or native in country SIMs?
  8. What do you see in the SpeedFusion status graphs during a stream?