Strange Behavior on Status Window for MK3

I am going through labeling all of my devices in the Status Window at the same time others are connecting to this router for the first time. What I have may be expected but in my view undesirable.

When a new device connects to the wifi for the first time and the Status->Client List window is open, I can see the device connect and looks like the router pulls the name of the device from the device doing a “reverse dns” maybe. It also looks like you use Italics to let the user know that this is a name pulled from the device. However, later on, after either adding a device or moving a different device between VLANs the name disappears and I have to go back and re-figure out what device goes to what IP address and manually update the textual name associated with the MAC address. Once I enter it manually, it looks like it stays.

Possible Solutions: I don’t know. I can think of a few but they have bad side effects… I understand why you wouldn’t want just save the name the first time. Maybe always doing a reverse DNS would be okay if a name had not been manually saved and the field is blank.