Stopping AppleTV's from gobbling up data when not in use

We have installed a MAX HD2 (hw5) on a yacht. Is there an easy way to disable AppleTV’s reaching the internet when not in use? Even with disabling screen saver download, etc., they still consume about 2-3 Mb a day, which adds up quick as there are 15 of them. Customer reaches the maximum data on their cellular plan quite quickly already (10 Gb/month) so any help would be greatly appreciated. We would want them disabled on all WAN’s as they also have a VSAT with 10 Gb/month. They are on different VLANS.

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How would the Peplink device have awareness to “in use” vs “not in use”? I am afraid this is not possible.

Including the appleTV’s what is the total number of internet-consuming devices onboard?

15 appleTV’s on a Yacht and only a 20GB/mo is frankly unrealistic expectations. The owner should have invested in fewer appleTV’s and a larger data plans. Something tells me that with 15 appleTV’s they could probably afford more data. Sorry.

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Put them on a guest network and use scheduling to allow/disallow access, at least in the wee hours. Otherwise, I think that you may have to configure the client somehow. If AppleTV isn’t streaming something, does it really use that much bandwidth - I’m surprised if this isn’t controllable.

If the AppleTV isn’t truly going to sleep, then you’ll just have to turn them off when not in use. I haven’t heard any other way of controlling this.

I just checked my appleTV and it was consuming between 1.2 -1.5 MB even when asleep, and as you indicated that adds up to 800+MB per month for each device. I tweaked a couple of settings, and we will see if that can go down, the one interesting option was “background refresh” which allows apps to request data even if not active. We will see if any of those applications were behaving badly.

Beyond that you will have to take one and analyze its network patterns… Run it into a Pi-hole and see where the DNS lookups are going. You could black hole, or rate limit * but that would impact the user’s experience, and I’m not sure you could put a timer on the devices so they can’t speak between hours X & Y.

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I run mine through NextDns and 24 hours saw 403 queries with 78 blocked.

It these are 4th Gen devices, then I’d check what apps are installed. More apps = more chatter.

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3gb * 15 devices * 30 days = 1,320 megabytes

That seems insignificant but a cellular plan with 10 GB per month is pretty laughable on a yacht

We use 10GB per day on our boat with two people total and throttle down the Rokus to 1.5-2mbps, I wish there was a way to let them go faster on certain connections but keep them at 1.5-2mbps on cellular connections.