Stop Routing User traffic


Can we access this functionality independently from sim pool usage?

“Stop Routing User Traffic When Monthly Quota Exceeded”

There are other reasons than mobile consumption that would justify an easy functionality to stop routing of the endusers ad keep management traffic.


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Can you elaborate more on the used case?


We provide Peplink based services.

Ability to stop a router user traffic based on consumption or non payment is interesting for us.

If there is a functionality in the API to stop routing and keep management traffic, please expose it to partners.


@Venn If you set the limit to a really low number will that force traffic to stop routing right away?

It does but it isn’t a unique action to stop all traffic.

I’m not sure how the incontrol implemented feature works, if it stops all cellular and ethernet WAN traffic or only cellular.

Also when working with HD4, the operation is quite heavy while if a feature exists to only allow incontrol traffic at all levels of the device, I’d be happy to use it.

Btw, this should not target only * but take into consideration ICVA management traffic.

as far as I know it stops routing user traffic so reporting in to ic2 and private icva as well as RWA should be possible , I’ll do some testing today.
It is tied to the IMSi.

I’m assuming you are saying that you also want to stop routing traffic when quote is reached for wired/wifi connectiions as well. Like an uplink to a sat?
Some ideas here would be a automated script to insert a firewall rule, would that help for now?

That’s our option for now yes