Stop email notifications

We have 5 locations, all connected by PepVPN. There are multiple WAN at each location, some of which are blended on the VPN. I originally set up email notifications when a VPN goes down, but that means if one WAN goes down I get about 20 emails. I turned off all the notifications except for the home office, so I still know if one of the remotes goes down.

One of the remote locations is a B210 running 7.0.0. I still get email notifications from that box, even though email notifications are disabled. The boxes to enter the smtp info are all blank - but the emails still come. I can tell which box they come from because the subject line contains our system name.


I solved my immediate problem by putting fake smtp and email info. Might be a bug between what the web interface shows, and what is really being written to the firmware.

This is weirds. Can you open a support ticket for us to check ?