Steady upload job switches between interfaces every 10-15 seconds

We have two WAN connections and a Peplink Balance 310, and my backup system is uploading to an offsite location. The upload job keeps switching WAN interfaces. 10-15 seconds on one, then it shifts to the other interface, and back again, and so on and so on.

Is this load balancing? Seems inefficient to make new connections on different interfaces all the time?

If anyone can clarify this behaviour I would really appreciate it!


This is not normal behavior unless these are new upload jobs being created. Are your WAN connections failing the health check at the same time interval?

It was one large upload. I have the PepLink notify me when either of my WAN connections fails and did not receive anything. I looked through my Splunk setup and there was nothing in any logs there gathered from the Peplink about failing connections. I will keep an eye on it more closely the next time we have a large upload and see if the behaviour repeats.