Status light red for 5+ minutes after disconnected - is this normal?

I have a Peplink Balance 20. The Peplink is connected to a UPS, and when we had a power outage, I shut everything down and removed the plugs.

When the power was restored, I plugged the Peplink back into the UPS, and turned on the PC. I noticed that the Status light was red (while Power was green, and the cable modem and DSL lights were transmitting/green). I could not connect to the Peplink ( and the red light stayed on for more than 5 minutes. Then, it turned green, and all worked as expected.

Is this normal, or what should I do to check?

I don’t think it matters, but the firmware is 8.0.0. build 3623. Thank you.


I would recommend upgrading your firmware to 8.0.2 and attempting to replicate the abnormal startup time. If you feel like your device is taking longer than normal to fully come online, go ahead and open a ticket directly with us,

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I will update the firmware, but my wife reminded me that last time we had an outage and I disconnected everything (more than a year ago - firmware much older, either in the 6s or low 7s), it also took a few minutes to become operational. I won’t know again until next time it’s all disconnected.