Status>Client List Issue

**Why do some on-line clients in the DHCP reservation list show up in Status>Client List and others don’t?

Balance 20 running firmware 6.1.0 build 2517**

I would go to system>ping and ping the ones that aren’t showing up. Once you have received a good ping, check the client list to see if they appear.

There is also a firmware update 6.1.2 as well:

That worked; thanks. Why do you suppose they disappear?

The devices simply fell asleep due to no activity, you woke them up when you pinged them.

3 of them are WDS stations that are always active. I can understand that the printers would go off line with no usage.


Below is the condition to show the host in Client List:-

  1. IP assign by Balance router.
  2. Must have self initiated traffics which passthrough Balance router (if IP no assign by Balance router).

Believe your WDS stations are falled under category 2 above. Thus you need to ping from Balance router then only appear in Client List.

The clients page shows old events even if they belong to checks which have been ok for a while (the event count is already 0). If you reload the clients page these old events dissapear can anyone help me in this.


Can you elaborate more on this? What is belong to check?