Station Probe Purpose? Also - bluetooth interference.

Hi - I have a Roku remote that appears as a “nearby device” in the Station Probe list (Surf Soho). I realize it is a wireless device (not IR) - but am wondering if there is any use to marking it as a “known” device, other than as a reference. Like many other Roku users, my remote seems to drain batteries exceptionally quickly (within a week) and there’s speculation that it might have to do with the remote’s wireless activity. Just wondering if there is anything I can do from the Peplink side to reduce said activity.

A second question has to do with bluetooth interference. I have an iFi Zen Blue streamer - and with the Peplink set to 2.5Ghz, there seem to be a lot of dropouts when streaming music from my laptop to the iFi Zen Blue (no such interference when cell phone is used as streamer, however). Switching the AP’s to 5Ghz is a fix of sorts, but I’d prefer to keep my APs on 2.5 Ghz (for extending signal through the house as router cannot be in central location, and I have low-speed Internet anyway - so there’s only so much downstream bandwidth to deal with). Is there something I should be doing with Channel Width, Channel Selection, or Channel Update that might reduce this interference?


I have the same “known device” question. I live out in the country. The nearest house to me is 1/4 mile away. The next nearest is 3/4 of a mile. My surf soho records “station probes” from many of the vehicles that go down the road I live on. I to am puzzled about them all being marked as “Known devices”. To me a known device is one that is on my lan.