Static route PePLink 580 (replacing my MPLS routers)


Please, I need your help.

I am replacing my MPLS routers at Peplink 580 connected between site1 and site2 via PepVPN SpeedFusion.

However we need to set some staticas Routes in PePLink for users from site1 able to reach the site3 that is connected to site1. (See diagram)

How to create a static route in PePLink 580 so that the user from site1 reach the site3?

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Other equipment already have the statica route configured correctly.

Thank you!

In LAN Settings on the B580 in site 2 add a static route for with a gateway of the L3 Core Switch on Site 2. This route will be advertised over SpeedFusion and your remote users on Site 1 will be able to route traffic to devices on Site 3. If the L3 Router on site 2 doesn’t use the B580 as its default gateway then you will need to add an additional route for with a gateway of to the site 2 L3 switch so that traffic can route back from Site 3 to Site 1.


Thank you MartinLangmaid!

Hello Martin am having the same problem just that am not connected to internet. i want to replace my mpls router with the B210 and B20. mean i want to continue running my mpls with the Balance devices because am planning to add an Internet line with time. am connected to my mpls provider using a user name and password now am facing difficult to do same in my Balance devices
thanks for your help.