Static Route issues on Pepwave Max

Have Pepwave MAX HD2 running firmware v 6.1.0.

I have 2 x embedded SIMS - Cellular 1 & 2 interfaces
I have 2 x external cellular routers on WAN1 & WAN2
WAN1 & 2 sims are not fixed public IP addresses. So WAN1&2 lan subnets are different to Pepwave LAN subnet.
No issues with data connectivity.
However I added static routes in Network-LAN-Basic Settings-static route settings to allow access from the pepwave LAN across to the 2 x other LANs.
They seem only to work sporadically. At present I can ping / access via web broser the router for one of the lANs, but not the other. The rules are similar for both - i.e the rule is same format, but different LAN subnet and gateway.

Any advice?

If you already have static routes in the HD2 pointing to a layer 3 switch, do the LAN clients point to this switch for their default gateway? Does the switch have a default route to the HD2? I would try a trace route from the problem LAN to see where it takes you.

LAN clients point to LAN gateway.
Peplink WAN’s are set up as WAN1 = with GW, where .254 is the LAN address of the Cellular router.
So the static routes are designed to allow me to access the 2 x external routers connected to WAN1 & WAN2 for management.

The issue is 2 fold:

  1. One of the static routes works - WAN2 has GW= (Peplink LAN is Static route is to allow via GW on Peplink of
    WAN 1 static route contsruteced identically for its subnet
    However only one of them works.
  2. They both did work, then completetley stopped, so I had to delete the rules, re-input and now only one will work.

I can send you the config file if this helps.



Can you provide network diagram with IP address that include all the components you have described.

Thank you.

Really lost now! All static routes ceased working, so removed them altogether from the Pepwave. Now I can access my external routers again without static routes.

LHR Peplink routing.pdf (4.8 KB)

In your case you would not use LAN static routes because the two routers you are trying to reach are on the WAN side of the HD2. Instead, you just need to create two outbound policy rules:
Src = Any
Dest =
Prot = Any
Algorithm = Enforced, WAN1

Src = Any
Dest =
Prot = Any
Algorithm = Enforced, WAN2

Thanks. Works great now. Obvious really…couldn’t see the wood for the tress as it were!