Static Route Issue

Hi folks,

I appear to have a static route issue.

On the WAN side is an ISP connection with 5 public IPs,
ISP connects to a 4 port unmanaged switch

I have two devices plugged into the 4 port unnamaged switch.
Cisco 871 = on the WAN side and on the LAN
Peplink Balance One = on the WAN side and on the LAN side

The Cisco and the Peplink each have one cable running from LAN to 24 port unmanaged switch.

The Cisco has a DMVPN and when I use as my GW from my PC I can reach any subnet on my corporate network.

I prefer to use the Peplink for WAN redundancy and 4G LTE failover and it works fine unless I want to reach routes on my corporate network.

So, I added a static route of in the Peplink LAN settings with a gateway of

If I tracert from my PC ( with gateway to my second hop is out of my Peplink WAN instead of through my Cisco to my corporate network.

Any ideas?


Please help to remove static route. Then point your PC gateway as What is the trace route result to corporate network? isn’t on my subnet.

If you mean point my gateway to (Peplink) then my tracert to corp ( from PC ( after removing static route, then the trace is identical to what it is with the static route in place. The next hop in the trace is my WAN gateway with or without the static route in place on the Peplink.

If the static route were in place and working the next hop in my trace should be my Cisco inside IP then the other side of my DMVPN tunnel but it’s not.


Thank you for the IP correction.

What is the firmware version running on the Balance One router?

We would like to take closer look at the unit, if you could open a support ticket here.

Thanks and regards.

Bingo! I was on 6.2.0 and applied 6.2.1 and now its working as expected.
Now hop 1 is Peplink, hop2 is cisco, hop 3 VPN tunnel, 4 is core switch, 5th is host.