Static NAT between 2 VLANs on Balance router


Is there a way to create a static NAT between two VLAN subnets on a single Balance One router?

I have a situation where I have 5 WANs in use, and then there are two more connections for management, which have their own gateway, etc but don’t support routing outside their subnet. I have created the subnets on the Balance, assigned the ports to their dedicated VLANs, and enabled InterVLAN routing but that doesn’t work since the devices themselves won’t route outside their own subnet.

So can I create some static NATs so that on the regular client LAN, I can assign two IP addresses, one for each device, that NAT into the two management VLANs?

If so, how?

Balance One routers, running 8.2.1 firmware.


No there is not. You would need to add static routes to the management devices gateway for the VLANs you want to access on the balance.

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