Static IP Issue

Hello all. New to the forum and just got a Pepwave Max Mini Mobile Router.

Trying to run a T-Mobile sim set to static unrestricted IP. The APN should be b2b.static.

I am not getting the modem to connect. I put the same sim into a different Sierra Wireless modem with that APN and it works fine. Any ideas?


I need this question answered!!

Hi @JakeTheGreat. Welcome! While we don’t know what @mslawson found I can tell you the first thing we’d check (and double-check – with the carrier as well as the entry into the router’s config) is the APN. FWIW, we have a fair number of TMO SIMs out there and while APNs differ with the plan involved, none of ours (so far as I know) use the APN @mslawson mentioned.

Maybe Matt will return and tell us how his issue was resolved.

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Sorry i should of provided more information.
Im having the same problem on my MAX transit mini.
Tmobile provided me the static ip and the proper apn but when i look at the WAN connection status in the Web interface its stuck on requesting IP.
I do know the sim card is properly working.
I was thinking its maybe an authentication issue since they provided the the apn and IP
But i notice under the operator settings it does require a UN & PW along with the apn.
Im not sure what user name it is requesting there.
Please help thank you !

Hello @JakeTheGreat,
The requirement for the APN username and password varies depending on the carrier and the service type. For example, in Australia, Telstra does not need a username & password for the Public Facing IP; you just need to have the approval to use the APN on your account. With Optus, you need a username and password to match the APN, and your account has to have authorisation too.

From what we can find quickly on the web with a search is that you could attempt using the APN of “”, you may have to contact your ISP for more details or a local Certified Peplink Partner.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response.
So the company i work for we are Certified peplink partner.
Tmobile only provided us static ip and the apn.
Should i request a user name and password?
We are on the east coast in the united states.
I know location varies based upon what you said.



Would you please open a ticket for support team to check ? Possible please ATTN the ticket to sitloongs and i can help you to check on that.

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Hello all. Sorry for the delayed response. I had the same issue (Tmo static SIM would not work). I opened a ticket it finally worked after Peplink tech support loaded new / different firmware into the modem. If anyone needs the FW version let me know. Thanks