Static ip help

Trying to setup a static ip for Fire apparatus when we drive the pepwave max transit pings different towers and gets different ips and knocks us out of the County system as its not recognizing the same ip.

It’s not normal to get a static IP from a cellular provider, typically you are behind multiple layers of NAT (CGNAT) and your IP will often change - out of interest are you using FirstNet?

If you need a static IP on a cellular connection you normally need to request it, and in most cases pay for it, but in terms of configuration it would normally be automatically assigned to your router when it comes online and not need to be manually configured.

Another solution is to deploy a FusionHub and tunnel all your traffic via it, that way you will appear to be connecting from the IP of the FusionHub not the cellular provider, and typically the hub will be hosted somewhere with a known static IP address.

Now, whilst setting up the latter is trivial and there are plenty of guides on the forums that will tell you how to do it you may want to seek some advice though about whether tunnelling all your traffic via some place hosted in a random cloud provider is going to violate any IT policies.

First question is why does the county system rely upon a specific ip? that is probably bad design.

You can typically get static IPs on business accounts. There is usually a crazy fee of like $500 one-time and then some times a monthly surcharge.

Other options are speedfusion but it could take time for the tunnel to reconnect if bouncing around.

Dynamic DNS probably wouldnt work well as some times its not instant update.

What exactly is the use case? What is the connection for?

Indeed. kind of where I was going with my last paragraph - my experience of delivering connectivity to various emergency services vehicles over the years they are generally accessing resources in a much more secure way than just an IP address based ACL, often either via SIM cards using a private APN or a VPN overlay… hence suggesting the OP might want to seek advice about what is an acceptable way to achieve their desired results from someone who is qualified to tell them less they potentially get themselves in trouble for circumventing some policies. :wink:

Connection times out after driving to a call and we’re using first net with it.
Once the ping comes back from a different ip it usually will kick it because it’s not the same that logged in before.

[Without comments about the security stance of your environment:]

Building on the comment by @WillJones If what is required of a stable connection is (simply) an invariable (or just routable?) Ip address for the unit, then deploying a FusionhHub (Solo (free) or one supporting more connections) should do the trick:.

Establish a SpeedFusion connection between the unit and the FusionHub, then add a unit policy to direct all the relevant traffic from the unit to the server by way of the FusionHub. The originating IP address as far as the server is concerned will be that of the FusionHub, and stably so, regardless of the unit’s moving about or dis- and re-connecting with its ISP.

As far as the IP address of the FusionHub is concerned, it’ll be that of whatever server it runs on. There are reputable and inexpensive server-farms you may use as the platform, e.g. ($6/month) or$5/month).

You might pull a similar trick using an OpenVPN server instead of the FusionHub, but there’d be more nuts-and-bolts to maintain.



So after going though the emails with the service provider of first net and pepwave. i forgot about the firstnet coming with static ips but not sure how it goes when i try to put the ips in and fails to connect to it with all the info included .