Static IP From ISP Question

I have 5 static IPs from my internet service provider. I have assigned one of them to my peplink wan1 and have my internal lan set to is using a dhcp server.

I would like to have a security camera system cctv use one of my other static ips. My last router allowed me to connect the camera system to it, and it automatically passed the static ip through. On the peplink, I’m not able to get the cctv to connect to the internet. Am I missing some sort of static ip pass through option?

If it helps, my ips are setup is like this
Gateway ..116.137
Ip’s .
.116.138 to 142


You have two options here. If you are using a Balance 210 or higher, you can deploy the Peplink in Drop-In mode and the public IP’s will get passed right on through.

If you are running in NAT mode, you would just define the additional public IP’s and then do a NAT mapping.


Exactly what I was looking for!