Static IP and VPN

How does “bonding” of the bandwidth work if I have the following setup:

HD1 Max Antenna ↔ SIM Injector ↔ Cisco Router

If I have two SIM cards in the SIM injector with two different carriers (Verizon, AT&T) and both carriers are providing a static IP address assignment, then how is the bandwidth bonded between the two providers? I want to run a VPN on the Cisco Router but not sure how this would work.

The MAX HD1 Dome is a single cellular modem device that support multiple SIMs - even more when used with a SIM injector.

So you only ever have a single cellular connection active at any one time but that modem can have a large selection of possible SIMs to use.

You can’t use more than one SIM at a time in a HD1. The modem can only use one at a time. If you want 2 active connections you need the HD2 Dome.

With a HD2 Dome you would configure SpeedFusion Cloud (or host a Fusionhub) as a way for it to be able to bond the two cellular connections (using SIMs from any operator) and then the two connections would look like one to any traffic going over the bonded link.

I just read the title and you are asking for a static IP. I assume that is for inbound traffic to your CISCO router. IN which case you would want to host a FusionHub for your SpeedFusion VPN to get your own dedicated IP for inbound traffic.

Video here Setting Up FusionHub on Vultr – Martin Langmaid – SDWAN Architect