Static IP and VLAN Assignment by MAC Address

My network includes a couple of IoT devices currently connected directly to LAN ports on a Surf SOHO (Frimware 7.0.0 build 1139), as well as some on their own WiFi SSID that I have isolated into their own VLANs. Initially, the static IP addresses for each device were defined in the their respective VLAN tables, which worked for a WiFi VLAN, but for the hardwired devices, the DHCP from the main LAN was getting to them first and assigning an IP from its range instead. (i.e. assigning in the main LAN DHCP range instead of the MAC address specified static IP address of in the VLAN) I ended up having to define their static IPs (in their VLAN ranges) on the main LAN page. Are the static IP tables on the VLAN pages only for port based VLANs?

DHCP reservations are not just for port based VLANs but if the attached device is not capable of 802.1Q VLAN tagging with a trunk port (like your wireless access point) port based VLANs can be used.

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Thanks Ron. For clarification, are you saying that the DHCP behavior noted above is expected? If so, perhaps there should be a note somewhere that for tagged VLANs, enter static IPs in the main LAN, not the VLAN.

Static IPs or DHCP reservations for VLAN networks can be entered in the VLAN and not the main LAN. If the attached device is NOT a trunk port for multiple VLANs you will need to select the desired VLAN with port based VLANs and assign the appropriate port to it.

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Thanks for the information. After your post I did realize that the ports were set to Trunk with devices directly attached, and while the devices showed on the client list, they weren’t actually functioning. I am now in the middle of configuring a managed switch to put between the Surf SOHO router and the devices. (And if I run out of time, I’ll just configure a couple ports as Access)