Stateful Firewall Throughput

i am stuck in peplink Balance 30 Pro specification here in Stateful Firewall Throughput 400Mbps what does it means actually because i have to internet WAN1 is 250MbpsUP/250MbpsDown and WAN2 is 8Mbps UP and 8Mbps Down if calculate both bandwidth will 516Mbps.

now my question is this Balance 30 pro will work fine in this scenario ?

my friend said balance 30 pro firewall support Stateful Firewall Throughput 400Mbps and i have 516Mbps.


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Typically, that throughput measure is for a single download from WAN to LAN, so you would be able to achieve a 258 Mbps download with the Balance 30. If you only have two WANS, the Balance One may be better for you. I think it supports up to a gig throughput.

If you actually expect to have 250 Mbps going out at the same time you have 250 Mbps coming in, you are going to find a bottleneck, but I would bet that 99.9% of the time, you would have no issues with the Balance 30. I personally have both a Balance 30 and a Balance One. The Balance One is better if you have a lot of devices and complex routing rules. Also, it sounds like you have multiple good ISPs around you, so you may want to plan on upgrading that 8 Mbps connection (then you would probably want the Balance One).

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thank you!

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