Starlink Maritime dual head

Hi all,

Do you guys have lots of experience with Starlink Maritime dual-head setups where both dishes have the same IP address and MAC address? I would expect this not to be a problem in the Peplink routing solutions as WAN-interfaces are treated separately, but this seems to give problems in other manufacturers solutions. Link bounding in Speedfusion works fine as well?


Most marine installs I have seen use Starlink public IPs on the Peplink WAN interfaces so they are different.

But you can have the same IP / subnet on the Peplink WANs though if you have to.

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What problems are you seeing?
What are you looking to accomplish?

Well, it seems Barracuda firewalls can’t handle multiple Starlink antennas sharing the same MAC and gateway…

What’s before the barracuda, why would each dish have the same Mac?

Is there a load balance in place.

Do you have a picture of the dual head setup?

My Starlink reseller told me that in a dual-head Starlink Maritime setup with 5TB subscription, both devices by default have the same MAC. Even all Starlink Maritime devices over different subscriptions tend to have the same MAC. The Barracuda should set up SD-WAN tunnels over all interfaces to HQ and do load balancing over both tunnels for internal traffic, as well as load balancing over these devices for local internet break-out. Unfortunately, the Barracuda sets one of those two Starlink interfaces in “error” mode, so these are not used at all.

The Barracuda setup is managed by a partner, so unfortunately I have no screenshots or more detailed info. I just couldn’t imagine to run into the same problem if I should setup a same scenario with Peplink, and fortunately it won’t be the case.

I just checked 5 starlinks and each of ours have different mac addresses.
I haven’t heard of a specific starlink product called a “dual-head Starlink Maritime”
My guess is they have some load balancer in front of the wan port feeding the barracuda?
Can you get any more information on the physical layout, something doesn’t make sense to me.

On a peplink you could also change the wan mac as well.

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To avoid confusing: what I call a “dual head Starlink” is in fact a complete dual setup: at one 5TB subscription you get 2 dishes and 2 modems, two white PSUs connected to their own dish, each with their own ethernet interface. They share the same subscription, but (except for having the same MAC and gateway) they operate completely independent. Load balancing is done by your own router/firewall, in our case a Barracuda, Fortinet or Peplink.

In our case, all Starlink units (from different 5TB subscriptions on different vessels) share the same MAC 00:00:5e:00:01:01 and IP address