Starlink Gen2 in bypass mode with Balance 30 Pro: continuous short interruptions

Hi All,

Balance 30 Pro, Starlink Gen 2 in bypass mode to WAN1, an FWA connection on WAN2, an LTE modem in WAN3 (USB); all in “Always on”, load balance. Starlink tends to get priority in my computer because, I think, it’s faster (120-280 down / 20-35 up) vs the FWA that is 100/20 stable and the LTE 10-30 / 10-30
Starlink dish has NO obstructions and we are having clear skies.

I get several brief disconnections /day from Starlink, not just as reported by Peplink health check emails, but real interruptions, Zoom/Teams drops 3-4 seconds until Peplink assigns another WAN or Starlink comes back. PErhaps a dozen times a day, maybe more.
For comparisons, I get maybe one / day from the LTE modem and rarely from the FWA.

Before Peplink arrived, I used STarlink directly in router mode for a few days and I don’t recall any disconnections (at least judging by zoom/team calls).
I cannot check what goes on with the Starlink app because I am in bypass mode.

What do I make with this? I don’t think it’s just a matter of tweaking Pep healthcheck parameters, I am having real brief disconnections. I always tried in bypass mode, should I try router mode?

Then I know, I am probably ending up with Speed Fusion hub on an AWS instance or SpeedFusion Connect, but before mixing all up I’d like to have all my connections in top shape.

Any suggestions?

I am running a Max Transit Duo and was having lost packets as well with Starlink in bypass. One quick patch that fixed the dropped packets was putting a simple switch between the Starlink and the Peplink. I was having speed issues as well, that required some much appreciated technical support from the Peplink team. The fix they implemented allowed me to remove the switch without having dropped packets. As you have a different device, I don’t know if it is the same issue. As I understand, the chips in the Starlink don’t play nice with the chips in my Peplink.

I would try an ethernet switch if you have one, and open a ticket as this is a known issue on other devices.


I wanted to share that the WAN disconnections between my Balance 305 and the Starlink Gen2 router basically stopped since when I put a cheap Zyxel ES-105A v3 switch in between the WAN port and the router. It looks like also the Balance 305 suffers of the port incompatibility issue with this Starlink router as other Pep devices.
I am actually curious now to put a similar switch between the Balance and my other WAN routers (FWA and ADSL) to see if anything changes there.

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