Starlink / App (Dish Management) Access / Peplink

Jus a quick update: I initially tried to update via wifi using a Mac, and was unsuccessful, twice. I later download the firmware to a Windows machine connected to the router via ethernet and was successful. No idea which of those factors made the difference, but I am now happy to report it works well, and I can now remove the Starlink router.

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I updated the firmware and followed the directions. When I go to I get the stats from the modem of the other Wan and not my starlink modem. Any advice on how to correct this. Thanks in advance!


Many, many people on Reddit r/Starlink are not using the provided router and receive the Starlink firmware updates. Firmware updates come down to the dish from the satellites, not up from the router.

I’m not a network expert by any means but I have to think that the modem of your other internet connection must be trying to use that same IP address. Try disconnecting it temporarily and see if you can see the Starlink dish at that address. All I can tell you is that it works fine on my Balance 30 LTE, HW 3.

This is also working to allow management of an AT&T DSL modem that I couldn’t previously reach.

Tip: It’s tempting to put in the device’s IP, but that’s apparently incorrect. Instead, enter another IP on the same subset. As a specific example, my modem’s IP to access its management web pages is So in the Peplink Management IP Address, I used Then I can get to the modem in a web browser at


The Dish firmware version is independent of the router firmware version as far as I know, Obviously the router won’t be able to upgrade on account of it being disconnected/powered off but the dish should still upgrade.

Yep. I don’t use the Starlink router but get dish upgrades just fine.

I just wanted to report that I applied this firmware to my Max BR1 MK2 and am able to successfully get to the statistics page of the Starlink antenna on the address. Thanks for this update.