Starlink and Balance One Core

I have a Balance One Core running the latest firmware, 8.2.0. It is currently setup with two DSL lines going into Wan 1 and Wan 2. I am trying to replace one of the DSL lines with Starlink (new modem design, rectangular dishy, and ethernet adapter).

Starlink modem is in bypass mode and everything works fine when connected to a PepWave Surf SOHO.

When I replace one of the dsl lines on the Balance (WAN 1) with Starlink, it doesn’t work correctly. I get slower download speeds on the Starlink WAN and ZERO upload.

I really need to be able to use my Balance One with Starlink and one DSL line for failover.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong or need to configure on the Balance One?



I am also having the exact same issue with ZERO upload speeds when using Starlink with Speed Fusion Cloud (SFC), even when starlink is the only active WAN. I am also using a Balance One Core with firmware 8.2.0.

Support responded with putting a switch between Starlink and the Balance One, and after doing so, everything is working better than it ever did!

Brandon, I may be having the same problem. What did you mean that “support responded with putting a switch between Starlink and the Balance One”? Also, does one HAVE to put the Starlink rounter in ByPass mode, or SHOULD tings work with the right settings while retaining the Starlink Wifi if one wishes to use it occasionally on certain devices?

I literally placed a small switch between the Starlink router and the Balance One so that traffic went from Starlink → Switch → Balance One (WAN). Assuming no devices on your network are sharing the same private IP, it should all work without you having to do anything with the Starlink router.

Would you mind my asking what your Health check mode and settings are? I have the second generation, after reading hour post I ran a cat5 from the ethernet adapter to a switch, and cat5 from switch to Peplink. But I still get some weird results - normal download, stalls on upload.

Hopefully this helps,