Standby Connections Being Used

Hi All

I might be missing something here but i have a strange problem with an HD4 MBX. 4 x Cellular are beng used and 1 x VSAT line. With the VSAT in priority 1 and the cellular in prioty 2 (and showing as “standby”) the router is still using the cellular connections and looks to be load balancing. When we try ping tests the latency hops about from 700ms (about right for the VSAT) to about 70 (about right for a roaming cellular connection). Can anyone think of a reason this could be?

Also, we have done speed tests with just cellular, VSAT in priority 1 and cellular in priority 2 (showing “standby”) and VSAT in priority 1 with cellular disabled. Results are shown below (top one callular disabled, middle one cellular standby and bottom one cellular only). It’s making us very nervous that standby connections are still being used.

Many thanks.


Hi Matt.
Do you have them set as priority 2 in the Speedfusion Profile or just the dashboard?

Either way, cellular links will continue to use data in standby for healthchecks. If you don’t want that then you can set their standby state to be Disconnected.


That said, the cellular links are obviously be used for data looking at your speedtests which makes me think they are still P1 in the Speedfusion profile.


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You’re a star as always Martin. Switching to Cold Standby did the trick. Now have cellular as failover but it’s definitely not using it now unless the VSAT goes. All my pings are 700+. Thank you profusely.

When everything calms down a bit I’ll do some testing on the normal standby state as they were definitely in P2 when those speedtests were done. I’m not sure exactly how it had been set up with regards to health check and IC2 at the time though so there might be an explanation.

Cheers again.

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