Stable SpeedFusion technology for sensitive data transmission


  • A multi-branch fitness company in Asia.
  • Currently running 100/40M ethernet connection across the whole infrastructure.
  • Relying on a single connection has proven unreliable, with connection dropouts.


  • To create a reliable 100/40M ethernet line with LTE backup.
  • Have the ability to Failover from ethernet to LTE line should there be any disruptions.
  • Utilize VPN technology to transmit sensitive data back to the HQ such as point of sale or customer data.

Requested Solution

Our Solution

  • Balance 710 will be deployed at the HQ, supporting the connections of up to 300 PepVPN users.
  • The Balance 30 Pro is a multi-WAN device perfect for mid-sized businesses. We will suggest deploying this at the branches.
  • As bandwidth usage shouldn’t be too high, the default Hot Failover and PepVPN compatibility makes this device super versatile for their usage applications.
  • InControl 2 to be introduced to simplify remote management of the Peplink endpoint devices. Bulk Configurator can be used to simultaneously push updates to the end points.

Devices Deployed

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