SSL VPN Client

Hey guys it would be nice to have SSL VPN Client capability. We are constantly running into having to put a B210 or above in drop-in-mode and use a Sonicwall, or Fortinet to terminate an SSL VPN Client to with remote home users that don’t want to buy gear so that we can utilize a site-to-site or other terminal services presented. PPTP just won’t cut it for certain customers in healthcare, Legal, etc. L2TP won’t cut it because it doesn’t work properly with connecting multiple windows machines to 1 account. And as you can imagine about 75% of our clients use Windows. If Peplink could take this into consideration it would be great to use a Peplink version of NetExtender or FortiClient. I understand this is possibly in far future but it would be great to someday have Peplink devices perform everything they currently do now as well as be a full fledged UTM.

B20 - 5 SSL VPN Clients
B210 - 10 SSL VPN Clients
B380 - 20 SSL VPN Clients

*And the ability to point the client to a specific subnet that we as the customer designate for the terminations.

Thanks Guys

Thanks for requesting this, we also would find this a very useful capability. We are often asked by customers about this.



Again, having OpenVPN supported would care for this need. Thank you.