I have a question , we have many antennas , and we want to decrease the number of SSID , can put 4 SSID and distribute all antennas , or you must create a per antenna . We have over 80 SSID , almost one per room, do not think healthy because it causes confusion among users . Even those who use a controller requires the use of antennas WDS - Wireless Distributed System ?


With the built in AP controller in Peplink Balance devices ( or Incontrol2 ( you can manage all of your Pepwave Wi-Fi access points from a central location. You simply create a profile with the 4 SSID’s you want to use, and push this config to the access points. If you want to change SSID settings, you only need to do it on the profile, and all AP’s will be updated automatically. You also have the option of configuring a Guest Captive Portal if necessary.