SSID bandwidth and time quota

Hi there

playing with Captive portal feature on Incontrol… I’ve noticed that I can set only one quota, time or bandwitdh based, but not both.

This feature is missing in incontrol and available on the CP facility on the single device… is it a bug or is it so “by design”?

thank you

It is by design because we thought there is no such demand.

Technically it is feasible to add a “Time and Bandwidth based” option to the following access modes: Social, Open Access, E-mail and SMS. What do you think?

I think it should be available, just like on the device’s CP panel.


We will add the option to the four modes in the next major release.

Its settings will be like this:

  Daily Quota  | [Time and bandwidth based [v]]
               | 60____] minutes
               | 500___] [MB[v]]
  Reset Quota  | at 02:00]

perfect, thank you, I’ll wait for the next release

Sorry to bother you but…

in IC2, if I set a time based quota, I can choose the reset criterium… on an exact hour of the day or after a configurable timeout

I’d like to have both of those options… I have a group where devices run on different hours during the day… I’d like to give to the users a fixed quota of (let’s say) 300 mb… but I can’t set a fixed hour to reset the counter, because it will be applied to all the devices and I’d have the quota reset during the day…
I’d like to have the quota reset after X minutes from the last session

is it feasible?


The time based quota currently already supported to be reset X minutes after a session ended:

It should be the setting you’re requesting.

sorry, I re read myself and I realiza I didn’t ask the right question…

I’d like to have the “reset quota after nnnn minutes” for bandwidth too… IOW, 250 MB, reset after 120 mins

sorry for the misunderstandig

Noted. We will add the option to both “bandwidth based” and “time and bandwidth based” quota in early September.