Sprint says their SIM is "not compatible" with BR1 Mini

I have bought a number of MAX BR1 Minis and used them successfully with Verizon SIM cards that I’ve taken out of hotspots and installed with adapters to get the right size.

I’m trying the same thing with Sprint SIMs, and they do not work. My Sprint rep is telling me that the IMEI number is telling her that “this device can’t be activated with Sprint service.”

Everything I’m seeing on-line suggests that it should be compatible. My device is a MAX-BR1-MINI-LTE-US-T.

Are there different models of BR1 Minis, and I have the wrong one? Is this firmware related? (I can’t confirm what firmware the BR1 is running at this time.)

Hi there. I believe that model is compatible in the USA with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, not Sprint. The LTEA model, BR1-MINI-LTEA (with Cat 6 modem), does work with Sprint and we have experience in that regard. https://www.peplink.com/products/max-cellular-router/single-cellular/#br1mini (Actually, I think the price on this product was just reduced by $50.)

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I’ve recently had a problem with Sprint when I tried to move a Sprint SIM from a BR1 Mk2 to a MAX HD2. I have learned from my local Sprint store that Sprint has 4 different types of SIMs. Each type of Sprint SIM caters to different types of device and bands for the device.
I’m now waiting for a new SIM to arrive and will let you know.

Just a note: Sprint takes the extra step of linking the IMEI to the SIM. So, when changing routers/modems when using Sprint one must contact them first. Otherwise it’ll never work. Guaranteed. One can’t just take a SIM from one device and pop it into another.


Hi Rick, thanks for the information. I wasn’t aware of the different options available, but I do see that other sub-model now, and that does make sense. Trying to confirm that with both Sprint and our retailer.

(And understood about the Sprint-SIM-swapping issue. They did inform me of that.)

Appreciate the help!