Speefusion, WAN bonding, No VPN

I am interested in getting the Speedfusion license or upgrading to a Balance 210.

However, I would like to know if Speedfusion will work for what I want.

One of our offices is in a very remote area and the only available connection before was a T1. We are paying for 4 T1 connections to get 6 mbps.

Now, there is a new company in town that uses site to site radio technology. However, the max speed for our facility is only 10down and 2up. Can I use Speedfusion to bond the WAN connections if I get 2 or 3 radios? If I get 3 radios at 10x2, will my WAN speed potentially be 30x6?

The information I can see online is Speedfusion will bond connections for site to site VPN connections. However, my intention for Speedfusion is just for WAN connection.

True WAN bonding only works within a SpeedFusion VPN deployment, otherwise you will be doing link load balancing in a stand-alone deployment:

If I get FusionHub and place it on the cloud like AWS, will it work?

Technically, yes it would. The actual performance though is going to completely depend on the quality and available bandwidth the WISP is providing. This will be a contended connection and is not guaranteed bandwidth like your T1 is.