I have a complicated setup with multiple vlans at my primary site.

I need to move some of my switches and some users to a new site and extend the network so that the users at the new site get their DHCP information from the main site etc.

Is there any way to force local traffic to breakout over the wan connection and not through the speedfusion i have set up as layer 2?

You can have layer 2 SpeedFusion VPNs and normal internet breakout over the WAN on the same device (so a group of lan clients can be connected via layer 2 and another group in a different VLAN connected via layer 3 direct to the internet), but I can’t think of an easy way for a single LAN device to be able to be sat on the L2 segment and also route traffic via L3 direct to the internet. If a Lan device is on the Layer 2 segment it obviously knows nothing about the local gateway device as its transparent to it by design.

maybe if you could share a network diagram with some example addressing we could find a way to make it fit?