We have a 580 that we have used well with out 100m fiber connection. Our cable company just came out with a 1G cable connection that we are trying out. On a straight in connection to the modem we were getting 80m download from the fiber and 280m download from the cable. All well and good.

So now I have both connection to our router, but our speed does not improve. Should we expect to see an average gain? Am I missing some setting to enable the “bonding”? What should I expect?

I will say that we are using the pepvpn to link out outbound locations. What does that do to the mix.



In the SpeedFusion profile ensure that both WAN connections are about of the VPN tunnel. Also, what are the speeds that you are getting with both connected (what speed test tool are you using)?

You may want to try our bandwidth tool test (will test download only):

What is the total speeds of the WAN of the remote device that the B580 is connected to?

Also, set MTU to Auto for both WAN connections as typically they should resolve to 1500 if they are cable (DSL - 1492). Once switched you can click on “details” on the dashboard to see what the MTU negotiated to as by default they are set to 1440.

Thank you for the reply

Not sure about this.

We have used speedof.me and speedtest.net with roughly similar results of download speed around 80m/s

I did the bandwidth tool and followed instructions on Custom Rule. With no seeming change.

I changed the MTU on both connection and speed decreased by about 20m/s

Is there a setup document somewhere on this?

You can view setup and additional information from our knowledge base:

Otherwise for us to look further, open a support ticket so we can go over more detailed information.


  1. Your internet connection is from Balance 580’s LAN to WAN?

  2. Are you doing the speed test from Balance 580’s LAN?

Fyi, bandwidth bonding only supported with SpeedFusion Bonding, not from LAN to WAN. Please find here for better understanding. If your internet connection is from LAN to WAN, you may configure Outbound Policy below to confirm the throughput:-

  1. Enforced all internet traffics to Fiber - Network > Outbound Policy > Rules > Add Rules
  • Source = <Your PC source IP>
  • Destination = Any
  • Protocol = Any
  • Algorithm = Enforced
  • Enforced Connection = Fiber
    Expected Result = 80Mbps
  1. Edit the rule in step 1 above and enforced all internet traffics to Cable
  • Source = <Your PC source IP>
  • Destination = Any
  • Protocol = Any
  • Algorithm = Enforced
  • Enforced Connection = Cable
    Expected Result = 280Mbps

If you able to get the throughput as step 1 and 2, then everything is working as expected.