Speedfusion with overflow capability

I have a Max Transit Duo, Firmware 8, connected to FusionHUB on VM.

I have a successful FusionHub connection (even an advanced connection with multiple tunnels). I’m only trying to achieve one seamless persistent session that uses WAN, but overflows into cellular only when necessary. I have a variable bit-rate live video stream that stays mostly around 3mbps, but sometimes jumps momentarily up to 8mbps (or more) and saturates the WAN. I’d like to just send those few extra packets over the cellular, but it’s not working for me.

Currently, I can configure SpeedFusion to distribute among all WANs/Cellular, but that of course is constantly using cellular data even when it is not necessary. However this seems to be the only option I can make work. The priority settings are not working for me, packets are being dropped instead of passed onto lower priority connection.

I am not a network professional so I may be missing something obvious, but I’ve been trying to tweak outbound policies for 2 days and still haven’t figured it out. Any recommendations for buffer/latency settings that would help stabilize a video stream are also appreciated.

Did you already manually go to support.cgi and enable the speedfusion bonding mode options and then choose overflow instead of bonding under your speedfusion profile?

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This looks like the step I have missed. Thank you!

Seems that I have to configure this in the units directly and can’t use Incontrol2 for this overflow config.

I have the overflow working in SpeedFusion now, but still trying to fine tune the behavior.

For example I am connected to WAN and another wifiWAN_5G, and also cellular. The normal WAN is overflowing great, but since I can’t set a data upload limit on the wifiWAN, it doesn’t overflow into the cellular in a predictable way. It would be good to be able to specify bandwidth on the wifiWAN. Would also be useful set my two cellular backups as same bucket so data is evenly distributed among the two when it spills over. Otherwise when I max out my monthly rate on one I’m down to only one connection for the rest of the month (limits instantaneous bandwidth).

I am seeing packet loss all over when I saturate 2 connections and spill into the 3rd, but also this may be due to radio interference with 2 LTE connections and 5Gwifi connection in close proximity. I know wifiWAN is a unreliable idea in general but this is a mobile rig and I may have to depend on it in some situations.

Overall glad to have this overflow feature, it’s working well spilling over into 2nd tier, it will save me some data cost!