Speedfusion with NO OSPF?

I have two Speedfusion Hubs, one in the US and one in the UK the remote UK sites (spokes) are part of a speed fusion profile that includes the UK as their Hub and a different profile that has the US as their Hub. So each of them have two Speedfusion tunnels, they all have Route Isolation turned on. The US sites are part of the US profile and have a single speedfusion tunnel to the US.

The UK Hub is actually a remote site and needs to have a third connection to the US hub so that the US LAN can have access to the UK Hub sites LAN. I do not want to peer up over OSPF between the two hubs, I just want to staticly route between them. (There are other MPLS routes in the cores I don’t want to send out). How can I build a connection between the two hubs that doesn’t perticipate in the OSPF process?

Can I confirm both hub sites are interconnected with a MPLS link and this link is purely for hub to hub communication? If so, this is layer 3 MPLS?

They are not, there is no MPLS between the two hubs just internet connectivity. Behind each Hub is a closed MPLS network (IE one MPLS network in the US and one in the UK) those networks are redistributing their BGP routes into and internal OSPF area in the US (area 10) and in the UK (area 20), the issue is as soon as I peer up a point to point connection between the US and the UK, all 3000 BGP routes from the US are learned in the UK and vis versa. I am redistributing OSPF back into BGP at each respective core, so this is an issue.

Looks like this, each MPLS cloud of course has remote sites, not yet included in the speedfusion tunnels

That bottom MPLS cloud should say UK MPLS not US, there are two different MPLS clouds. :slight_smile:

Need more info for the design in-order to suggest the possible solution:

  1. Currently how many route learned for the UK remotes via Speedfusion ?

  2. Currently how many route learned for the US remotes via Speedfusion ?

  3. How many “actual route” need to distribute between UK Hub & US Hub ?

  4. How many Internet connection planed for connection between UK Hub & US Hub ? Only 1 ?

  5. Possible to let us know the product model for the sites ?
    a. UK Hub
    b. UK remotes
    c. US Hub
    d. US remotes

  1. 500+
  2. 3500 +
  3. 15 to 20
  4. 2 maybe 3
  5. A. 380, B MF380, C, 2500, D. some 380s and some BR1s

Can the “Route Summarization” performed by the US MPLS and UK MPLS router so that minimum route are distributed ? or it’s necessary to enable OSPF for the HUB LAN ?

Base on the info given, the only suggestion that we can suggest between the US Hub & UK hub is setup a IPSEC connection then you can define the actual network route between the IPSEC tunnel for UK Hub and US Hub. You may lost the bonding capability for the IPSEC connection.

does the PEPVPN automatically participate in the OSPF process once stood up? For instance, can I stand up the PepVPN point to point and only define the local and remote networks I need to route to, or as soon as I stand it up witl it peer up on area 0?

PEPVPN will participate in the OSPF process automatically. it is peering up on area 0 by default.