SpeedFusion with MOTG to improve Skype quality


I have a small business that has me alternating between two home offices in Australia and Indonesia.
When I am in Indonesia I rely on Skype for communication with my customers (they call my Skype number); this has been proving difficult with incredibly poor connection quality and stability in the area i am living.

I have purchased the MOTG (load balancing enabled only) and am currently trialing it in my Australian home office with four USB 3g WAN connections. I am impressed with the results and will take it with me to Indonesia in December.

My question/s are as follows:

  • Will purchasing and implementing the SpeedFusion firmware upgrade for my single MOTG, provide improvements to Skype connection stability and quality?
  • Or does the SpeedFusion feature only work between two SpeedFusion enabled devices?
  • If the latter is the case could I achieve the desired improvements by:
  • - installing a MOTG at the Australian office with a high speed wired broadband connection
    - installing a MOTG at the Indonesian office with multiple 3g and wired connections.
    - creating a SpeedFusion VPN link between the devices.
    - somehow routing all Skype traffic through this link.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Sam-

SpeedFusion only applies to SpeedFusion enabled devices, so you would need one at each location. To establish the tunnel you only need to have a single static IP or routable address, this can be on either side of the tunnel. It is very easy to set up, and will make your Skype calls “Unbreakable”.

Thanks Tim.

Just to confirm, as I am new when it comes to this. I am not seeking to improve Skype quality between the two offices (as I am the only employee atm) but between my Indonesian office and my Australian customers.

I should be able to create the ‘unbreakable’ link between my Indonesian and Australian device (which would act as a proxy IP?) so that whilst I am in Indo I can then direct all incoming and outgoing Skype traffic through this link and my wired broadband connection in Australia.

Am I correct in thinking that this should improve the Skype quality because it would be addressing the weakest link (the poor quality of the indonesian connections)?

Sorry for my ignorance on this topic.


Your thought process is correct. When you establish the SpeedFusion VPN profile between the devices you simply check the box to route all traffic through the tunnel. This way all Skype calls will be routed through the tunnel, making them unbreakable.

Thanks again. I guess another purchase is in order :slight_smile: