SpeedFusion with Internet and Intranet links

Dear Guys ,

Is it possible to deploy SF using Internet and Intranet links ? We need to create SF between two offices that each one has one Internet link and one Intranet link. so in SF connection the internet link should be connected to internet link on the remote device and Intranet link with private IP address should connect to Intranet link on the remote device.

Please advise.

Thanks - Hootan


Just treat the private lines as the Internet Lines. Create a speedfusion that maps the WAN interfaces (WAN Internet should map to the WAN Internet of the other, and the WAN Private should map to the WAN Private of the other) and after that you can have a priority on the WAN interface. It is pretty stable and the switchover between the connections is seamless.

Please check the below link from another threat:



Dear Charris ,

Noted and thanks for useful information.

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