SpeedFusion will not connect with two SIM cards active

My balance 210 establishes a tunnel to my MAX HD2 Mini which has static IPs assigned to its SIM cards.

When both SIM cards (AT&T & Verizon) are set to priority #1 and the HD2 Mini is turned on - it won’t initiate the SpeedFusion tunnel - it just remains stuck on the first step.

When I move one sim card to Priority #2 (Standby) the tunnel will establish and I can then move both cards back to Priority #1 and it continues to function normally.

Any advice for how to resolve this?

Please share the screenshot of info below.

  1. Status WAN interface
  • Dashboard > Details of the WAN interface
  1. WAN interface settings
  • Balance 210 - Network > WAN > Select WAN interface
  1. SpeedFusion profile settings
  • Balance 210 - Network > SpeedFusion > Select SpeedFusion profile
  • HD2 Mini - Advanced > SpeedFusion > Select SpeedFusion profile

If info above is sensitive, please open ticket for us to take closer look.


Look like you can’t share the IP address info here, i suggest to open a support ticket here for the team to further check.

Thank You

Hi, forgive my ignorance - but is that not enough information to troubleshoot the issue? ( I will attempt to open a ticket, but I don’t have the Serial # handy at this time as I’m out of town.)

The IPs themselves don’t appear to be the issue as they function correctly in general. (Sans my issue.)

We can test the SpeedFusion handshake port by having the info of IP addresses. I think opening ticket is the best way for us to continue troubleshoot this problem.

Thank you.