Speedfusion vpn performance

We have a project for our customer and its details as in the following, please also find my drawing in attach.

They have three private APN 3G networks( not internet )…Turkcell , Avea and Vodafone APNs.All APNs able to connect peplink WAN IP address…
Balance 380 is located at HQ . MAX 700 is located in mobile site.

GSM operators are provide different performance in different locations.
When different GSM operator’s links are used in same speedfusion tunnel ,we encounter performance problems.,For example download speed of operator1 is 3Mbps, operator2 is 512kbps…In this situation speedfusion performance seems 512Kbps…So If one of the 3G links has a poor performance , peplink could not use real total performance.This is normal according to me…

My two suggestions to resolve this issues
1- Peplink should be able to detect performance level ( via measure latency or measure bandwith usage ) of the links and disable link or links have poor performance… Or exclude them from vpn bonding tunnel. However Peplink should be use links that are same performance level in speedfusion tunnel.
In this way Peplink will use bandwith more stable.
2- I should be able to create two parallel speedfusion tunnels between two peplinks.
For example , same GSM operator’s links will be connected to USB1 and USB2…And other GSM operator’s links will be connected to USB3 and USB4
USB1 and USB2 will be used for bonding VPN1 , USB3 and USB4 will be used for bonding VPN2
Outbound policy should be :
Source: any ,dest:, service:any algorithm: Priority ( Priority 1: VPN1 , Priority2: VPN2 )
For two speedfusion tunnel between two peplink, I need to define Local ID per VPN tunnel…But peplink only support one local ID per device…
What is your comment?