SpeedFusion VPN Dropping

I keep experiencing failures with my SpeedFusion VPN tunnel. This is an issue that been going on all week. The tunnel completely drops and then has to be reconstructed every time. This can take upwards of a minute to recover. This is happening frequently enough that it’s interrupting my conference calls. I have my VoIP using WAN Smoothing and works great as long as the VPN is functioning. I’ve had it drop 3 times in the past two hours. I currently have my SPC Location configured to Automatic. I have also had it configured for Chicago (my nearest location) and have experienced the same issue. I have two WAN connections, AT&T DSL and Starlink. I’m using a Balance One. Thanks for your help!


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What does the event log say when it happens? Are you sure you have your traffic going over the SFC link? What Peplink device are you using? Do you have WAN smoothing enabled?

There is some good info here SpeedFusion with WiFi WAN (Starlink) and WISP - #21 by bembel

I’m using a Balance One. In the logs I see “link failure detected”. Yes, I have WAN Smoothing enabled. My traffic appears to be going over SFC as I can see traffic on WAN Smoothing on the Status | PepVPN page when I connected via Teams, Zoom or Skype. When the VPN drops, the links to the VPN disappear on the status page. On the Dashboard page the SpeedFusion status section disappears too. Then when it comes back online statuses go from red and green and all is good until the next failure.

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