SpeedFusion - View Remote WAN status

Currently on IC2 and within the status of SpeedFusion connections on the hardware, you can only see the upload/download and latency of the WAN associated with that device. It would be great to be able to see the status of the other side of the tunnel. An example of this I have a 380 with a single active WAN, and a SpeedFusion going to another 380 with 2 WANs. 380 #1 I can see the tunnel is up, but it would be great to at a glance see 380 #2 if WAN 1 and 2 are both connected, or just one, or if my latency is high see which link is causing the issue, without having to leave that screen. Maybe implemented with an “Advertise WAN status over SpeedFusion” check box or something so this can be set on or off to the users preference. I’d imagine it looking like the mock up below. The first profile has this active, the second doesn’t.

On the IC2, the SpeedFusion status page already can display the upload/download/latency/pkg loss rate of all WANs on both sides in the same table!

(On the above screen, there is only one WAN on both sides. If they have more WANs, IC2 can show them all.)