Speedfusion very slow


I just purchased a new Pepwave max on the go.

I was trying the bonding service from a US based service provider. But, the bonding speeds are very low. It’s 1/3rd of the speed of one of the datacards.

I used 3 datacards but speedfusion only reduces the speed instead of increasing it. Why is this happening?

The service provider says its due to latency.Does this mean that I cannot use speedfusion?


Please open up a support ticket so we can take a deeper look in to this:

Agree. Has anyone successfully seen a higher aggregate throughput with SpeedFusion bonding? I’m struggling to get >= one WAN connection when using 4G WANs.

Same here. I tried to bond between MOTG and HD2, even opened a support ticket but unable to resolve.
Seems like latency on 3G is a killer that we cannot control.

Anyone with a successful deployment with Max on the go + Speedfusion yet?


We deployed a solution last year for a client using bonded 3G (Peplink Max) and it worked really well, giving us lower latency and greater bandwidth. Importantly (I think) we used two totally different carriers, being Three to Three for the first link and T-Mobile to T-Mobile for the second link.

We used it to pass VoIP traffic (2x G711 channels) with no issues.


Hi there,

We deployed since mai of this year severals HD2-LTE devices driving over the lake lucerne and using two 3G/4G channels with the same Swisscom provider as well were avaiable a Wifi channel. Bonding works fine and latency and bandwith is perfect. For our client it is important that the channel is always connected over the whole lake. Before we using bonding with Peplink, the link breaks down and the POS Systems on the boats were offline. Fine and very amazing solution working with no issues for us!