SpeedFusion using 2G connectivity

Speedfusion is not working when we are using the 2G connectivity on Max700 (Fw 6.1.2) with the FusionHub, meanwhile it is working properly when we are using the 3G connectivity using the same GSM SIM card.

We got a confirmation from the GSM operator that the 2G and 3G internet connectivity is same from routing and security point of view and no additional security rules applied on the 2G internet connectivity.

We are suspecting the high latency of 2G connectivity!!!

We appreciate if you can share you ideas.


Sad to say that I can confirm this for us too, 2G just offers nothing in fact we rarely ever see even an attempt to use it on our embedded SIM routers

If the latency is too high it will not be used in the SpeedFusion tunnel, you should stick with using 3G.

Thanks for your reply, The problem is that we are doing a POC with an Oil and Gas field where only the 2G coverage is available, do we have any workaround for the latency issue like TCP window scaling or increasing the timeout of the tunnel initiation?

What kind of latency are you seeing? The default cut-off is 1,000ms


Thanks for the info, I have 2 questions.

  1. regarding Cell ID and PDP connection. They will come in future releases but team does not have a ETA right?
  2. For GRE, do BR1 and HD not support GRE? or they supported it but is not applicable via SNMP?