Speedfusion Topology

Hi there,

What’s the best practice when creating a connection between a single device e.g HD4 to a Fusion Hub.

Is it point to point? Or Star? Is there any difference when only a single device is connecting to the hub using a Solo licence?


Normally you can leave all the configuration as default when you configure the SpeedFusion via IC2 as that is the default recommended settings unless you have some issue for the tunnels than you may consider to fine tune the settings.

We have some youtube video link here for the step to steps configuration and explanation that may help you to understand more for the configuration (Please refer to SpeedFusion part only if you need to know more about SpeedFusion configuration).

For PepVPN/SpeedFusion Configuration via IC2 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBH2WhNHOEA):

For the topology question :
For point to point usually we use on it when the tunnel is only create for point to point between 2 devices and usually both end will running using public that can directly reach to each other via the public IPs.

For Star topology normally we will use it for multiple remote devices to connect to a hub device whereby hub site/center device will have the public IP that can be reach by the remote devices. For your case, if FusionHub Solo end only have the public IP then you need to use Star topology.

Hope the above explained your concerns/questions.

Thanks sitloongs that makes sense. One more question:

When configuring the tunnels I get the option to set things like WAN smoothing on the connection from my HD4 to the FusionHub and from my FusionHub to the HD4 - if I want to enable WAN Smoothing for example should I enable it on both directions or only from the HD4 to the Hub?


You should enable WAN Smoothing only if you encounter jitter with your video/audio streaming. WAN Smoothing is unidirectional. You may enable WAN Smoothing on FusionHub if you have a streaming issue from FusionHub to HD4.