Speedfusion to PepVPN question

Hi, I have previously setup sites with Peplink Balance 380s and 210s and the bandwidth bonding has worked very well. I now have a new business and we want to connect 2 of our offices. At the Main Office I currently have a Peplink Balance 20 with 2 DSL connections connected into it. And the branch office I have single DSL connection on a regular modem (plus also a second dsl connection used only for voice data at the moment). My idea is to relocate the Balance 20 to the branch office and install a Balance 210 at the Main Office.

So my question is - in this scenario - will I still be able to benefit from the Speedfusion Bandwidth Bonding and inbound load balancing at the head office even with only a Balance 20 at the branch office (connected to the 210 via PepVPN)? Or would I need to have speedfusion at both offices? … (My hope is that the connections at the head office will still be bonded so maybe I will still benefit).

Thanks very much

Hi Chris,

You will have SpeedFusion Bonding and Inbound Load Balancing at HQ (B210) but not branch (B20, Using PepVPN). Since they are interconnected, the bottleneck of bandwidth will at branch side.

For example, 2 x 10Mbps at HQ and 1 x 10Mbps at branch. You will get 10Mbps at the end since branch only support PepVPN.

Hope this help.

Hi Chris!

You can use B20 with PepVpn on Firmware 6.1 or better.

That B20 will connect to your B210 using SF tech to both Wan and if one of the Wan on B210 fails the tunnel will prevail.

The same behaviour wont be archived on B20, because if the Wan that is being used as priority 1 on pepvpn config page fails, the tunnel will colapse and the B20 will try to create the tunnel by priority 2 WAN. Usually it take as low as 15 seconds to reconnect, but vay from configuration to configuration.

Take a look at Balance One instead of B20. It has a higher TP, Dual band Wifi, and 8 Gb ports!!


Ok great, Thank you both for the info :). So to confirm… if I have the following 2 ADSL connections at each site …

Main office (B210):
WAN1 10Mbps / 1 Mbps (downstream / upstream )
WAN2 10Mbps / 1 Mbps (downstream / upstream )

Branch office (B20):
WAN1 10Mbps / 1 Mbps (downstream / upstream )
WAN2 10Mbps / 1 Mbps (downstream / upstream )

… In effect the link would be:
Main office uploading to branch office = 2Mbps
Branch office uploading to Head office =1 Mbps
(minus the overhead).


Will do thanks, I might look at it instead of the B210 too

Hi Chris,

Yes you are right.