Speedfusion throughput - Big difference between WebUI / realistic values

Hi all,

All devices I mention here are on FW 8.1.3 build 5162

Situation: PEP-HD4-MBX (5G) terminated on Virtual Speedfusion Hub in a DC with 1 GbE synchronous

Customer is complaining about a DL of max. 20 Mbits/s

So I have attached a RaspberryPi (Full Duplex 100 Mbits/s) at the MBX end to verify performance.

Testing Speed in WebUI MBX gives me good results (see pics):


and iperf3 and WGET verify customers complaints:

not more than 20 Mbits/s in DL. UL is brilliant and perfect (see pic):

Anybody got some ideas?

Assume it must be a user limit set on the profile itself - any chance that has been set in error?

How is the profile built is it pushed from IC2 or manually created?

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply.
No bandwidth limit set at any point. I am very sure about that.

I have about 20 setups ongoing in same or very similar configuration and I have never faced this issue. And also we never set any limitation to our customers.

Profile is manually created and not pushed by IC2.

Ok. So logically - where else can it be? Raw bandwidth is there, SF speedtest proves that.

So its either LAN side MTU, dodgy cable, weird networking issue, or its in SpeedFusion itself.

I would log a ticket with Peplink Engineering for the team to review. Something is weird.

Also grab a network capture when you run the iperf from the PI see what is going on at a network level. Dump the pcap here if the network is not in production and we can check it too.

Hi Martin,
thanks for the ideas.
It can’t be the cable, as all devices behind the MBX show the same issue. Either 20 Mbits/s on single device, or a sum up of around 20 Mbits/s.
It can not be the Fusion Hub too, as no other setup terminated there shows such a behavior.
Analyzing dumps is in progress.
Ticket is ATM not possible as they are not unter Maintenance (customer wish :confused: ).
That’s why I’m asking the community, else I would have raised a ticket already.

I would log a ticket anyway. IN my experience the engineering team love a speedfusion performance challenge I would likely look anyway just because they want to understand what’s going on.