speedfusion: starlink + cellular

Yes! After waiting over a year on the preorder list, I finally got starlink yesterday. Very happy. Now to configure speedfusion.

Right now this year I have great upload bandwidth over cellular most times (40 mbps) but slow download speed most times (10 - 20 mbps).

On starlink, download speed is amazing from 60 to 200+ mbps download. Upload speed is slower though from 7 to 25 mbps.

Which would be better speedfusion config on a balance to provide the fastest speeds to a single client computer running a single application:

1.) Dynamic Weighted Balance with WAN1 Starlink set under wan properties to 250 down 25 up, cellular WAN2 set to 25 down 50 up?)

2.) WAN1 Starlink set to download only, WAN2 cellular set to upload only
(a couple years ago when I tested a config like this, when either is offline, even with the other set to upload or download only, it seems the balance is smart enough to send upload and download traffic to the 1 working wan which is nice until the other wan comes up, so it’s still seamless.)