SpeedFusion speed

I have SpeedFusion set up between the two datacenters and it is working. When I copy data from one server to another server it is very slow. I am using two WANs.

Ideally, I’d like it to go much faster. These WAN connections can handle a lot more bandwidth. Is there something I can set for faster throughput?

What sort of data? Do you mean files and folders? If so, what type of transfer (FTP, NFS, SMB)?

I would verify the available speed over the tunnel using the inbuilt tools first. Then compare that to what you see when moving data between servers. Often the limitation is the disk speeds of the servers or the protocol in use.

When I’m working in windows and moving file and folder data over speedfusion I’ll use multi-threaded robocopy or a util like richcopy or fastcopy. They make a massive difference in transfer speeds.

It’s is for sure not disk i/o or server limitations. I am copying files and folders via Syncovery and also just copy and paste to a shared folder. When I do to servers which are behind the same router, they copy at 50 -70% of port speed.

I am setting up a test to create a secure tunnel and bypass SpeedFusion now. When I logged into the router, the master cannot be accessed by IP, only the slave. So it looks like one of the routes has suffered a major issue.

Syncovery wasn’t multi-threaded / multi-session file transfer the last time I looked? Might still be woth trying the others above for comparison.

Please share four measurements:

  • speedtest.net internet speeds at both ends
  • Point to point iperf speedtests using the in built System > WAN Analysis tools with one device set as server and the other as client. (then repeated with roles reversed)/
  • Speedfusion tunnel speedtest (using the tool at Status > SpeedFusion) upload and download from both ends.
  • File transfer speeds as reported by Syncovery.

Thanks. I will try speedtest soon. Both of the Peplinks are showing Master on the LCD screen. I gotta figure out what’s happening with the units before I can troubleshoot.

The failing 305 was replaced. Running the speed tests from within the SpeedFusion Status page is interesting.

  • There are 3 WANs at site 1.
  • SpeedFusion bandwidth capped at 50Mpbs.
  • Using 1 stream in the test.

Check this out as the WANs are being added and removed from the group and then speed is tested:

WAN1: 48 up / 48 down
WAN2: 48 up / 48 down
WAN3: 1 up / 7 down
WAN1/WAN2: 48 up / 48 down
WAN1/WAN3: 1 up / 17 down
WAN1/WAN2/WAN3 - 3 / 48 down

What this shows is WAN3 is the weakest connection and when added into the mix, the whole connection suffers.

Is this what I should expect when one WAN is a lot slower than others?

Found the problem with WAN3. The network drop goes into a switch and then out to the two Peplinks (this 3 way is on a VLAN). The port on the switch was set to Auto and was running at 100/half. I forced it 100/full and the bandwidth went to max speed (which this one is maxed out at 50Mbps).

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