SpeedFusion - Secondary Tunnel connected, but Inactive

I’ve got a MAX 5G and a SpeedFusion Hub deployed in AWS. Speedfusion is working just fine on the primary tunnel, bonding the Cellular connection and a WAN (connected to a Starlink).

I’d like to split my VoIP/Videoconf traffic of into a sub-tunnel on the PepVPN, so I can apply Wan Smoothing.
I’ve opened the second port in AWS (4501), and added the tunnel in InControl. All is good, it comes up Green (connected) and reports “Online”.
It doesn’t “activate”. THe “Route Info” is listed as “Inactive”, and any outbound rules I create are ignored, and traffic remains on the primary tunnel. (Maybe I created the outbound rules incorrectly?)

If a Route is “Connected” but “Inactive”, what does that mean? What are my next steps here?

You now configure a new outbound policy for the voip and zoom, teams, etc. and assign the second tunnel via priority.

you can search around for outbound rules for the various services. *.zoom.us handles zoom.

I don’t normally use incontrol it will always say inactive for the routes. If you look on the device itself it will say routing by outbound policy.

Hmm. It says inactive in Incontrol, but it also is just always idle when I look at stats…
I have even tried to direct all traffic to the second tunnel, and its just idle.

When I’m testing tunnels, I will use a single device outbound poiicy via an Enforced rule. run a speed test, then switch to the next path… etc.

I would also look at the statistics on the device itself, in-controll will always have a lag compared to the real console.

Are you attempting to override a routed (PepVPN OSPF) destination with an outbound policy?.. if so you need to drag the policy above the top grey line labeled “PepVPN / OSPF / BGP / RIPv2 Routes
SpeedFusion Cloud Routes” The GUI doesn’t make it obvious that rules can go above that line.

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AH! I forgot about that Grey Line! I had this setup last year for a brief time and that caught me then. I’ll find that and give it a shot :slight_smile:


That was it! Thank you for the reminder! whoop!

reminder , use the ? to activate export mode so "“PepVPN / OSPF / BGP / RIPv2 Routes” shows up.