Speedfusion retry to connect

Good day everyone.

I’m a happy SpeedFusion user, but today I discover an issue about speedfusion initial connection.

I have a 380 as End Point and (with Br1 serial number on SF Profile) and a Br1 as a remote peer ( with 380 SF name profile and public ip ) and my Br1 connect smoothly to B380 without an issue.

But today I lost power on B380 central peer and decided to point the public ip to another B380, I found some BR1 trying to authentificate to the new B380 on log as expected ( SpeedFusion: Refused connection made from unknown peer (2831-1234-ABCD, xxxxx)). Then I add the serial to a new SF profile but the new tunnel never went online until I reboot the remote unit ( because it’s the calling peer).

My question is, does the SF have a retry timeout if It cant connect the first time? or do I have to reboot all the remote peers to try to reconnect if the endpoint is not availiable?



No reboot is needed, you would just add a new SF profile or update the existing one and it will connect automatically.